Current Day: 25 Elaint 133 PR

Deep in The Cheerless Sea lays a chain of islands infamous for their lost riches and dangerous inhabitants.  The islands are rumored to be the homeland of an ancient civilization that now lives on Pulan, the red moon that only is seen only during the darkest of nights.  Only the foolhardy venture forth into the island's dark forests, extensive caves, and sheer cliffs.

Redmark is the only exception to the islands' reputation.  The city-state is a safe haven for travelers and merchants.  Its fleet protects ships sailing through the nearby waters, for a price.  The island is also the only place where dream lemons are grown, a fruit that is rumored to extend your lifespan.

Ruled by King Nils Sanden, Redmark is protected by the mysterious Draecite Gem which prevents any evil from succeeding within or near the city.  With this magical protection, Redmark is the safest city in the known world.