The Vicious Isles

Fort Goblin
Storming an Overturned Cart...

Adventurers:  Violet, Lyr, Razhilda, Kaylin, Brytha and Con

  • The group meets in The Exalted Squirrel and there is awkward getting acquainted. Lyr and Violet exchanged bardic barbs at each other and eventually Lyr tells the group of a group of goblins that seems worthy of the collective attention.
  • Violet, Lyr, Razhilda, Kaylin and Brytha Set out from Redmark headed east at noon. Six miles to the border of the Draecite Gem protected lands around Redmark. The border is guarded by Towers a mile apart between which locals have placed boulders to mark the border. 
  • Additional 6 miles of travelled until nightfall. We encounter giant goats and after the bards fail to charm them they trot away after one aggressively postures at the group. First night is uneventful. In the morning Brytha gathers enough nuts to help feed the group.
  • 7 1/2 hours further east @18 miles we came to a river. Kaylin, Razhilda and Lyr set about trying to find a river crossing. The river is of varying depths measured in "dwarves" as the shortest party member. .
  • A hill on the other side of the river roughly an hour's journey away, a structure can be seen with a flag flying above. We suspect is the Goblin fort we seek.
  • Brytha finds assorted humanoid prints in the mud around the river. 
  • Lyr swims about but the river is too murky to see much. One crossing is found 1 dwarf deep and the paln is to cross in the morning with Brytha carrying Razhilda.  
  • Watches are set and durin Razhilda's watch 2 small humanoids arguing in an unintelligible language pass by. She remains silent and then do not seem to notice the group,  She tells us of this in the morning.  Kaylin and Brytha feed the group with a rabbit and fish caught by Brytha and an enormous fish speared by Kaylin. Con Joins the group here. 
  • The party crossed the river without difficulty and approaches the hill. After an hours travel, we can see the fortress. 
  • It is a large overturned cart with a flag of dirty red cloth above. It is reinforced all over with bit of wood. There is a door on the end and broken wheels strewn about. We do not see Goblns. 
  • Strategy is discussed. Con will stealth around the right side of the fort and scout it out while the rest begin the assent stopping well outside the flattened grass. 
  • Con fails his stealth roll and a barrage of arrows rain down upon him.  He makes it back to the group. We begin to ascend. 
  • Kaylin heals Con with a slap to the face as she runs by. 
  • Violet takes cover first behind the tanky cleric Kaylin and then eventually the Goliath, Brytha. 
  • Failed stealth rolls abound and Brytha takes arrow damage as well.  Brytha takes damage and heals herself. 
  • A shortage of ranged weapons is recognized in the group. 
  • Con has a crossbow and begins to shoot at the cart. 
  • Approaching the cart takes time and damage to the party as the goblins continue to rain arrows on anyone they see. Violet takes arrow damage and Kaylin heals her. 
  • Eventually Brytha is close enough to cast Entangle on the area of the cart restraining those within. We gain some benefit from their disadvantage to attack. 
  • Lyr gets close enough to use a Sleep spell and some of the Goblins fall asleep. Brytha and Razhilda gain the door. Brytha attempts to set the cart on fire with a torch but it doesn't work. 
  • Kaylin moves around the backside of the cart – there are no goblins there. 
  • Razhilda rages and breaks the door down.  3 Goblins sleep, 3 turn to face the group. Con gets inside and gains the first kill of the campaign stabbing a sleeping Goblin.  Violet enters the fort, Brytha casts Guidance on her. Violet kills a standing Goblin. Con kills another sleeping Goblin, Razhilda enters and _____________ . A goblin heads for a hole in the floor on the far side of the cart fort. Brytha enters but must crouch missing with a scimitar attack. Lyr _________ . Brytha drops the Entangle spell. Kaylin rushes in and makes for the Goblin at the hole. Razhilda kills the goblin at the hole. Kaylin leads the way into the hole as the party follows. 
  • A hand dug area functions as the barracks for the Goblins. A makeshift throne sits to one side.  A search reveals a small amount of coin. There is not much of interest here. It was apparently Dibs' kingdom, or the beginning there of and now the end thereof. 
  • The group takes leather, scimitars, short bows and shields back to town and sells them. The party members gain some coin and nurse some wounds, alive and invigorated by their adventure as they tell their tale to the patrons of The Exalted Squirrel. 

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