The Vicious Isles

The Haunted Clock Tower
Skeletons, zombies and constructs oh my.

Seeking the Haunted Clock Tower

The group assembled at the Exalted Squirrel:  Kaylin, Lyrian, Raxhilda, Violet, Marco and Brytha.

The group gathers their belongings to be taken into the adventure. Brytha seeks the oldest cleric in the temple of Pelor. She learns of Jenneline of Gyre a female adventurer of note in times past at least one generation ago. She accumulated wealth and became determined to start a town. She found a likely location but started with a clocktower. Once the clock tower was completed Jenneline started to fall ill and died shortly thereafter. There became a growing awareness that there was activity at the tower. The Rangers locked it down literally, placing a special lock on the door of the tower. Most thought it strange that she chose to start a town with a clock tower and rumors circulated speculating at “alternative uses” for such a place and perhaps the gem prevented her from returning to Redmark.

Marco has Violet’s Draft horse hitched to his wagon and the strong beast can draw the whole party along. The party sets out on the first of Marplanoth, or the 1st of Leaf Fall for druids. The plan is to travel directly northeast approximately 2 ½ days as the raven flies. We leave by the northern gate (a first for the adventurers). There is a weathered veteran guard at the edge of the ward. He knows little of the tower but does share that the guards will shoot whatever follows the Rangers in from the wilderness, goblins and beast of various types.  He does report that he’d heard that the goblins have been having trouble with skeletons. They’ve been fighting with Bonewall. He describes a wall of skeletons that arises to destroy anyone their master tells them. It is at a finger of water toward the bottom of Roaring Forest.

Day 1: The group passes into grassy plains. The adventurers hear the faint echo of goblin-esque horns. The first night is uneventful.  

Day 2:  Brytha is thinking about how plants grow and spread an begins looking as they travel for Lemon trees and finds a sprout. A Lemon Tree sprout!  Without telling the others, she disguises the plant and commits its location to memory.  Joyfully she rejoins the rest.  That night, during Con’s watch he notices a large spider in the trees. He awakens Brytha and she looks about for other spiders and they are able to see 2. The spiders are approaching the camp. The web is expansive. She tells Con to awaken the others.  Brytha casts entangle on the spiders. Brytha and Kaylin back away from the campfire preparing for action. Violet awakens and immediately casts shatter on 2 spiders and they fall. Marco casts firebolt on a spider nearly killing it.

Off to the left of the camp a column of skeletons lead by 4 hobgoblin zombies is marching toward the group. They seem to be ignoring the adventurers for the moment and attack a spider killing it.  Lyr casts sleep on the skeletons and 2 fall asleep. The spiders fail their strength check and fail to break out of entangle. Violet then casts Shatter and the skeletons fall apart. Only the zombies remain. She then inspires Con. Con moves in and shoots a zombie with his crossbow taps the inspiration and kills a zombie. Kaylin casts sacred flame damaging a zombie with the radiance of Pelor. Razhilda then throws a javelin at a spider killing it. Marco casts firebolt at a zombie damaging it. Brytha steps forward and casts faerie fire on the remaining zombies affecting one that begins to glow blue. The zombies come forward to meet Brytha and deal bludgeoning damage to her. Lyr attaches the glowing zombie with his spear-like weapon killing it Violet shoots her longbow at another killing the one attacking Brytha. Con dashes forward and stabs a zombie. Kaylin uses her spiritual weapon to attack as well as casting a sacred flame and destroys the remaining zombie. Upon investigation, the skeletons appear to be well cared for, polished with wax.  On the skulls all bear what looks like family crests. Kaylin and Violet begin to destroy the remains. Violet then uses prestidigitation to burn the web. Brytha grabs her and holds her aloft, and tells her to stop risking a forest fire. During the tense moment, Violet finally licks Brytha’s nose to diffuse the anger. Brytha gives her a wet willy in return then sets her down.

Brytha is keeping watch. The group settles in to try to rest again and there comes another column of skeletons during Razhilda’s watch.  Brytha casts entangle catching the group. Con dashes in attacking. While the battle begins, Marco stalks off toward the horses, gesturing over his shoulder to the group yelling,

                “Take care of this.” He mounts his horse and rides away.

Violet uses thunder wave damaging all the enemies. Kaylin uses sacred flame killing 1. Lyr inspires Razhilda. She strikes a zombie with her battleax, killing it. Byrtha steps forward and using thunder wave destroys the rest. With Razhilda’s help the group finds a resting place with less traffic. They spend time having a long rest and at the end of the 3rd day, Marco returns reporting that there were two more groups that he found, the last was led by a human. He and his group search the destroyed remains of the first two. They seemed to be searching through for the skulls with the crests on them.

The group votes to move closer to the clock tower to observe. Con and Brytha go to scout the location. Con uses stealth and looks low, Brytha, using Beast Shape looks high. The clock tower rises to approximately 60 feet. There is a wide double door that has a Ranger lock on it. The Clock itself faces east. The time doesn’t seem to be correct but the hands move. Byrtha finds that there is a door between the 6 and 7 on the clock face. There is also a window at 40’ that cannot be seen through due to grime that covers the inside. Around the base is a cleared area that has grown over with 7’ tall saplings since it has been tended in quite sometime. Con checks out the lock – it seems simple enough. He then listens at the door hearing an electric hum within.

They return to the group. Brytha could see 3 groups moving to the north, including the group led by a human that Marco had reported. The group decides to enter through the main door of the clock tower. Con picks the lock easily. Marco speaks of taking the lock but Lyr uses slight of hand and pockets the lock.

Violet uses prestidigitation to illuminate the room. There is a study, with a desk. A search of the room reveals a chest with 2 explosive devices that Violet is very excited about much to the chagrin of the rest of the group. There are also measuring devices. Looking at the desk, Brytha finds a set of blueprints to the clock tower. Most of the group can tell little from the blueprints but Razhilda’s impression confirms that the clock tower does indeed serve a purpose other than just keeping time. Exactly what though remains a mystery.

The next room is wide, with stairs to the east leading up to the clock face. Enormous gears move within with a golden sparking globe that catch Violet’s eye. Con moves to the far side of the room to get more perspective. There is also a large metal Huntsman with a metallic hound at his side within the room.  

The Huntsman intones a warning, “Leave now.”

The group of course ignores the warning. Razhilda moves forward and holds her action dependent on the Huntsman’s next move. The Huntsman moves forward and Raz attacks with a javelin, her throw missing its mark. Marco engages in melee with the metal man, hitting with his sword. The hound attacks Marco using whipping tongue but Marco is able to remain standing. Con moves back around the gear to get into the fray. Kaylin uses sacred fire but misses. Brytha casts faerie fire but only succeeds against the hound. It begins to glow blue. Violet casts shatter, barely doing any damage. The Huntsman attacks Lyr with his net cannon. Marco strikes the hound and uses his action surge missing. The hound uses tripping tongue on Marco again, missing. Con moves closer hitting the hound with a crossbow bolt. Brytha cast Thunderwave, the constructs do not get knocked back but do take damage from the spell.

Violet casts heat metal for minimal effect but then inspires Razhilda. The Huntsman attacks Lyr once again with his net cannon this time successfully hitting and restraining him.  Raz goes into a rage and uses reckless attack with inspiration bloodies the huntsman. Lyr successfully breaks free of the net and inspires Marco. Marco moves around to the back of their foes and draws attacks of opportunity fortunately both miss. He casts firebolt at the hound hitting it. This clears the way for Con to move in and engage with a sneak attack.  The hound bites at Kaylin hitting and severely piercing her with his bite.  Con attacks and destroys the hound. Kaylin heals herself and summons her spiritual weapon. Brytha creates a magical shillelagh but misses the mark with her strike. The hound having been destroyed, now explodes dealing damage to all within the area. The Huntsman attacks Con, slashing at him. Raz swings her battleax and misses. Lyr hits the Huntsman damaging it, Marco attacks hitting his mark. The Huntsman is looking quite rough at this point.  Con attacks again – finishing it off. The huntsman also explodes upon death and damages those closest.  

The group takes a moment to catch their breath. It is decided to return to Redmark to regroup. Violet wants to blow up the clock tower, but her companions dissuade her. They place the lock back on the door. Kaylin heals those that need assistance and the group returns to town.

Foray into the Fungal Forest

 Adventurers: Tusky, Harmony, Marco, Violet, Vulas


  • We investigated the strange mushroom forest around Asha Asari. 
  • We encountered and dispatched some undead, lizardmen, and a giant snake. 
  • We were unable to determine the cause of the fungal forest.  


  • Celestial: Toril of Realmspace
  • Plane: Prime Material
  • Region: On an island in the Cheerless Sea. 
  • Area Observed: We walked on foot south from Redmark to Asha Asari. About midway into this trek, we headed east (to follow some orcs). After dispatching the orcs we returned to Redmark. Then we restarted our journey south. On the way, we stopped at the barn that was previously inhabited by rats. Then continued south and arrived at Asha Asari. On the return trip we headed north straight back to Redmark. 


Conjurer's Log, Eleint 15, 133 PR
   We headed south along the coastline. The terrain was mostly genital sand dunes and small grassy hills. It was a relaxing and pleasant walk. 
    Astronomy Note: That evening I could see Karpri rising slowly on the eastern horizon.
Conjurer's Log, Eleint 16, 133 PR
    On the evening of the 15th, we made camp. Four of us took turns keeping watch. Marco the human apparently needed additional rest. The evening was peaceful. 

    In the morning we continued heading south. 

    Around mid-morning we discovered a wounded ranger laying in the path. This ranger called himself Falcon. He was apparently attacked by orcs. We helped Falcon recover. Brother Tusky was kind enough to call upon the divine to heal the grievous wounds. The wonders of faith magic continue to amaze me. 

    Speaking with Falcon we learned that there was a fungal forest around the city of Asha Asari. And that it contained undead and lizardmen. Having recovered, Falcon thanked us and took his leave. 

    We decided to track down the orcs that attacked Falcon. Heading east at a quick pace we were able to catch up with them among the grassy hills. Whether brave or foolhardy we charged the orcs. Harmony and Violet were quick to act. First Harmony enchanted the grass to grow and entangle the orcs. Then Violet cast a spell causing a thunderous boom. It sounded as if lightning had struck the orcs. Visually there we no flash or effect; though I did notice circular rippling waves across the grassy field; centered on the orcs. Four of the five orcs were felled by this concussive blast. The last orc, held up by the entangling grass, surrendered. 

    We questioned the orc. But he didn't have much to tell us. We did learn that there are orcs in a forest north of Redmark. Then we let him go and warned him not to return to this area. 

Conjurer's Log, Eleint 17, 133 PR
    Late on the 17th, we returned to Redmark, to deposit the confiscated orc equipment. 

Conjurer's Log, Eleint 18, 133 PR
    On the morning of the 18th we left Redmark, resuming our journey south. 

Conjurer's Log, Eleint 19, 133 PR
    With a slight detour to the east we stopped by the barn; that was previously infested with rats. It was our estimation that orcs were headed here. And in investigating it we confirmed the orcs had been residing in the old barn. 

Conjurer's Log, Eleint 20, 133 PR
    By the evening of the 20th we were getting close. That night from camp we were able to see the edge of the mushroom forest. That night was strangely quiet. 
Conjurer's Log, Eleint 21, 133 PR
    On the morning of the 21st, we entered the mushroom forest. Soon the air was thick and heavy with pollen and spores. It was like a faint but omnipresent yellow fog. We covered our noses and mouths with wet cloth. It should be noted that I did detect a trace amount of conjuration magic in the area. 

    About an hour after entering the forest we heard buzzing. From the east a swarm of stirges attacked us. Two stirges latched onto Marco. He was able to pull one off. And then with some help from Violet he was able to remove the second. We quickly dispatched the vermin before they could harm us further. 

    Around 10 am we arrived at Asha Asari. The small elven town had been overtaken by the swamp. A slow moving river flowed through the center of town. And there were clear signs of recent flooding. Moss and fungus seemed to be growing on everything. 
We approached a ruined storehouse on the north side of town. To assist with scouting I summoned Edgar. He wasn't happy about being in a swamp, and he took a moment to voice his displeasure. I listened, then told him to get to work. 

    From the top of the ruined storehouse Edgar could see into the building.  The roof had collapsed. He spotted two undead creatures. A skeletal minotaur that was sharpening an axe and a skeletal humanoid. The skeletal humanoid appeared to be an assistant. 

    With a few spells, we prepared for combat with the undead. Then rushed in to attack. The minotaur charged us. He gored Violet with one of his vicious horns. She dropped. Brother Tusky stepped in and brandished a sigil. I couldn't quite make out the symbol, but I think it was a flower. The sigil glowed. This struck fear into the minotaur, if such a creature can be afraid. It ran. The skeletal humanoid continued to attack, but Marco was able to dispatch him. We focus our attacks on the minotaur. And he returned to attack us again. Ultimately it was a firm hit from Brothery Tuskys warhammer that cracked the creature's skull, and knocked the necromancy right out of the minotaur.

    After this confrontation, we took a moment to rest. Then we searched this building. It appeared that the skeletons were collecting items from the area. We did not find any clues as to the cause of the fungal growth. 

    Around noon we searched a ruined temple. The only thing we found of note here were some candles and incense that somehow had survived the creeping swamp. 

    On the far south side of town we spotted a few lizardmen. And on the west side of town we noticed a large snake.  Neither the lizardmen or the snake were approaching, so we decided to investigate the next building nearby. This was an old elven house. Dirt, water and debris covered the floor of this house. Upon entering a swarm of flying insects rose up from the filthy floor to attack us.  

    While fighting the swarm, the snake and the lizardmen advanced on our location. Brothery Tusky was hurt badly by the insects. The large snake bit Marco. And Harmony was knocked out by one of the lizardmen. It was looking grim. Through attrition we killed the insects and the snake. I was able to put half the lizardmen to sleep with a spell. Marco and Violet were able to dispatch the remaining lizardmen. 

    We survived. But were disinclined to continue the investigation. So we began heading back to Redmark.

    I am starting to share Edgar's dislike of swamps. 

Conjurer's Log, Eleint 25, 133 PR
    On the evening of the 25th we arrived home in Redmark. 


The Rats In The Burned Building

Adventurers: Verity, Vulas, Harmony, Marco, Frood, Tusky

Day 1. 

  • Heading south to investigate the rats.
  • Left Redmark past the boulders of protection
  • We are walking through the night.
  • Slept on a hill with 4 watches set: Harmony > Tusky > Vulas > Verity

Day 2

  • Sighted late morning, the collapsed barn. 
  • Frood spoke w/ a field mouse about "rats that walk on 2 legs" 
  • Vulas plans to send "his bird" to spy from overhead.
  • Collapsed building is indeed a barn, build into a hill with entrances at different levels.
  • The nearby farmhouse is completely burned to the ground.
  • We decide to go to the upper door and investigate and pristine crate near the door.
  • Tusky knocks over the crate and nearly kills half the party, from a firey explosion caused by the mixing of the chemicals in the crate.
  • We survive the experience and call out to the rats from outside the building. Verity apologizing profusely.
  • Vulas walks up to the door and conjures gold to offer.
  • The rats do NOT respond and we retreat for the afternoon to heal.
  • Long rest.. w/ encounter during 2nd watch
  • Rats attack from the south
  • Harmony cast Faerie Fire, and Tusky Blesses
  • Verity and Vulas oversleep.
  • We target the rat spawner: Dopplerat
  • Dopplerat is a big fat coward attempting retreat.
  • Verity is hurt. Marco is hurt. Look for signs of disease.
  • Marco slays the dopplerat while blessed.
  • Verity can't seem to hit anything.
  • Slowly working our way through the remainder.

Day 3 

  • Assemble outside the top door. 
  • Bless Verity, Frood, and Marco find 3 swarms.
  • Swarm overtakes Verity.
  • Frood moves into buiding to flank
  • Vulas thunderwaves to kill and push back some rats.
  • Harmony lights Verity's feet on fire.
  • I heal Verity, Frood fires at Marco's feet.
  • Harmony kills the last rats on the top floor.
  • Vulas floats down a light in to the bottom floor.
  • Marco moves down first.
  • Attacked by rogues… Verity is taken down.
  • Harmony revives Verity, I attack Matimer (rogue)
  • I'm ambushed by another rogue.
  • TRASHNAMI! Vulas blows them and the trash against the back wall killing Matimer.
  • FOUND: Evil religious paraphernalia and strange mechanical key and a secret door.
  • USE: strange key on secret door
  • FOUND: 1 Bound Devil sitting on a chest to which I spoke in Infernal (Verity speaks this as well) wanted us to free him.   
  • We leave him, lock and hide door.  Take evil stuff in a large sack
  • Heading back we spy a centaur watching us. We press on.
  • We come across 2 goblins, combat, trade javelin tosses and the goblins go down.
  • Verity removes her spear from Vulas… oh dear.
  • We make it back to town.
The Wing Bone
Four Adventurers Face Overwhelming Odds

The Exalted Squirrel had only four lonesome adventurers ready to seek their fortune and fame. A rumor of a large bone, far beyond the size of any mere mortal was rumored to be 5 day's walk to the east, as the crow flies. Originally there was supposed to be the Golaith Druid, who found that orange berries were definitely not edible. So Marco, Kaylin, Con and myself, Violet agreed to leave in the early morn. Marco woke to me pounding on his door, a less than ostentatious start to the adventure.

By the second day we had reached Fort Goblin, and found it in a foul rotting state. Nothing new lived there, but it would be smart to verify this from time to time. We came across five majestic goats, all of perfectly rideable size. However, they seemed rather uninterested in extra straw, so the goats trotted away. Fortune called, so gaining a goat mount would have to wait for later.

Upon the third day we could see a campfire in the distance, with a rock wall fence and a sturdy stone building. Around the campfire were half a dozen cloaked figures, huddled for warmth in the twilight. We approached, and before we could hail an old man called out "Om! Time to come in!". One of the dozen or so cairns that circled the small fort rose up and began to limp into camp. We soon learned the aged man was Ider, and the strange stone creature had been living in the area for many years. The poor thing had a grinding knee joint that needed clay to help lubricate. We made friends with the rangers, and I entertained everyone with my songs. "Sweet Jezebel" was the popular favorite and Biscuit, one of the rangers, began to sing as well. His key was a bit off, so I adjusted the music to harmonize with his adequate singing voice.

Ider has a tale of his own, he found a scythe, one dropped by his god and had built this little temple here to honor the god. As thanks for his hospitality I handed over my last bit of cooking spices to the kindly old druid. In the morn we set out and bid farewell to Ider and Om, but not before we promised him spices and mead.

We soon came across the sole centaur that had been seen earlier. Apparently this Clauvius arrogantly feels that land he can see is his. I should wonder what would happen to him if he ever entered Redmark City proper. After a few insults the rude beast farted in our general direction and trotted off. I do hope not all centaurs are such boorish creatures.

The night brought yet another campfire, but this one did not have a kindly old druid. It was a gruff and stupid hobgoblin. Marco was struck hard by the beast, but stood his ground valiantly. Kayline rushed to his defense, and by the power of her god damaged the wicked creature mightily. After that it was wild swings from Con, the Hobgoblin, Kaylin, Marco and even myself as we all ducked, parried and slashed at each other. It was Con who stabbed the beast just under the arm, causing it to swing around and for some reason choose me as it's next target. This would prove to be a fatal mistake. While the vile creature did land a blow, I scornfully stated "Goblins hit harder." Kaylin was feeling slighted, after all she had wounded the beast the most, so she smacked upside his head , ringing that bell solidly with her mace. Never turn your back on a deadly lady in a duel. At this point Marco saw the opening, and stabbed him one more time, catching the sweet spot on the underarm joint. The earth quaked as the beast fell dead. As is proper, we took his valuables to be utilized for further heroism and left him to be eaten by the vultures.

At the next day's end we find a massive bone sticking out of the ground, obviously a shoulder joint to a large creature, such as a dragon. Several little reptilian beasts scurried in and out, dropping off bones. Too bad the Golaith was not here, should would have plenty to choose from. Con went South, I went North and the other two stayed not too far from the main entrance. It was Con who found the hole that dropped some fifty feet into a dark, dark cavern. We could see very little, as the moon was slightly obscured by the could cover. In an effort to examine the way down I sent little fireflies of light winking into the darkness. They were rather pretty if I do say so myself, in stark contrast to the hideous beasts that burst out, dropping rocks as they flew overhead!

More than twenty of these vile winged creatures began dropping rocks on us, taking out Con and myself in a mere second. During my bout of unconsiousness Marco was swarmed and dropped to within an inch of his life. Kaylin swooped over to heal Con, bringing him back from the brink of death. I was barely able to fire off my last spell of the day and healed myself poorly. Kaylin and I fought as valiantly as we could against two dozen foes. However, no one can stand for this long. I collapsed and woke to being dragged by Marco, now two hills away from the hideous hole. My coin and precious pipe were gone. The stupid creatures could not use sophisticated weaponry, nor were capable of using our armor. We rested for an hour, and I sang a slow, low song to encourage our systems to heal faster.

Dispirited we headed for Ider's camp as both Marco and I were exhausted and weak. We arrived and found Con looking forlornly into his drinking cup. He and Ider rejoiced at our return. They asked about Kaylin. I pointed to a swaying light some distance to the east and said, "If that is not her, then you should wake Om because we will have horrid company." Gratefully I accepted the food and drink, and was quickly reuinted with Kaylin, who too was exhausted. It was a full seven days after leaving the Kobold's Hold that we finally arrived at the town, bedraggled, but determined. Only Con was able to escape because his cat heritage made him too fast for them. The other three of us were robbed and left for dead. Fortunately the kobolds had already feasted or we would not be here to tell the tale.

Vengeance now burns low in my soul and I will find a way to kill all of those beasts. The four of us have vowed to return shortly, for those Kobolds cannot be allowed to spawn more.

Fort Goblin
Storming an Overturned Cart...

Adventurers:  Violet, Lyr, Razhilda, Kaylin, Brytha and Con

  • The group meets in The Exalted Squirrel and there is awkward getting acquainted. Lyr and Violet exchanged bardic barbs at each other and eventually Lyr tells the group of a group of goblins that seems worthy of the collective attention.
  • Violet, Lyr, Razhilda, Kaylin and Brytha Set out from Redmark headed east at noon. Six miles to the border of the Draecite Gem protected lands around Redmark. The border is guarded by Towers a mile apart between which locals have placed boulders to mark the border. 
  • Additional 6 miles of travelled until nightfall. We encounter giant goats and after the bards fail to charm them they trot away after one aggressively postures at the group. First night is uneventful. In the morning Brytha gathers enough nuts to help feed the group.
  • 7 1/2 hours further east @18 miles we came to a river. Kaylin, Razhilda and Lyr set about trying to find a river crossing. The river is of varying depths measured in "dwarves" as the shortest party member. .
  • A hill on the other side of the river roughly an hour's journey away, a structure can be seen with a flag flying above. We suspect is the Goblin fort we seek.
  • Brytha finds assorted humanoid prints in the mud around the river. 
  • Lyr swims about but the river is too murky to see much. One crossing is found 1 dwarf deep and the paln is to cross in the morning with Brytha carrying Razhilda.  
  • Watches are set and durin Razhilda's watch 2 small humanoids arguing in an unintelligible language pass by. She remains silent and then do not seem to notice the group,  She tells us of this in the morning.  Kaylin and Brytha feed the group with a rabbit and fish caught by Brytha and an enormous fish speared by Kaylin. Con Joins the group here. 
  • The party crossed the river without difficulty and approaches the hill. After an hours travel, we can see the fortress. 
  • It is a large overturned cart with a flag of dirty red cloth above. It is reinforced all over with bit of wood. There is a door on the end and broken wheels strewn about. We do not see Goblns. 
  • Strategy is discussed. Con will stealth around the right side of the fort and scout it out while the rest begin the assent stopping well outside the flattened grass. 
  • Con fails his stealth roll and a barrage of arrows rain down upon him.  He makes it back to the group. We begin to ascend. 
  • Kaylin heals Con with a slap to the face as she runs by. 
  • Violet takes cover first behind the tanky cleric Kaylin and then eventually the Goliath, Brytha. 
  • Failed stealth rolls abound and Brytha takes arrow damage as well.  Brytha takes damage and heals herself. 
  • A shortage of ranged weapons is recognized in the group. 
  • Con has a crossbow and begins to shoot at the cart. 
  • Approaching the cart takes time and damage to the party as the goblins continue to rain arrows on anyone they see. Violet takes arrow damage and Kaylin heals her. 
  • Eventually Brytha is close enough to cast Entangle on the area of the cart restraining those within. We gain some benefit from their disadvantage to attack. 
  • Lyr gets close enough to use a Sleep spell and some of the Goblins fall asleep. Brytha and Razhilda gain the door. Brytha attempts to set the cart on fire with a torch but it doesn't work. 
  • Kaylin moves around the backside of the cart – there are no goblins there. 
  • Razhilda rages and breaks the door down.  3 Goblins sleep, 3 turn to face the group. Con gets inside and gains the first kill of the campaign stabbing a sleeping Goblin.  Violet enters the fort, Brytha casts Guidance on her. Violet kills a standing Goblin. Con kills another sleeping Goblin, . A goblin heads for a hole in the floor on the far side of the cart fort. Brytha enters but must crouch missing with a scimitar attack. Lyr buffs where he can granting Kaylin a bardic inspiration. Brytha drops the Entangle spell. Kaylin rushes in and makes for the Goblin at the hole killing a goblin on the way. Razhilda enters and kills the goblin at the hole. Kaylin leads the way into the hole as the party follows. 
  • A hand dug area functions as the barracks for the Goblins. A makeshift throne sits to one side.  A search reveals a small amount of coin. There is not much of interest here. It was apparently Dibs' kingdom, or the beginning there of and now the end thereof. 
  • The group takes leather, scimitars, short bows and shields back to town and sells them. The party members gain some coin and nurse some wounds, alive and invigorated by their adventure as they tell their tale to the patrons of The Exalted Squirrel. 

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