Kaylin Olodan

Protector Aasimar Cleric




Kaylin was removed from society as a child to protect her from those who sought to kill anyone like her. She was raised in a secluded monastery from the age of 8 until this year. Raised with the knowledge and skills needed to not only defend herself but to act as the vessel of divine will that she was born to be. Kaylin has set off east ward toward a cluster of islands that she saw in a dream. With the help of Seraphina, Kaylin follows the ‘trail markers’ toward her destiny.

Aasimar Traits
Angelic Guide: Seraphina
Nature: Compassionate and hopeful

Pelor, God of the Sun and Healing
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domain: Life and Light
Symbol: The Sun

Kaylin Olodan

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