Marco Greycastle

Noble Human Fighter




House Greycastle is a Cormyran noble house ennobled in 1374 by regent Alusair Obarskyr. The lady Alusair gave Ambrose of Tilverton the title of count as well as some land for his help during the goblin wars. Ambrose was a war wizard and along with some of his adventuring companions helped bring peace to the land. Once the wars were over he built Greycastle for which the family now takes its name. By the current year, 1489, the family has increased its holdings and now holds the title of duke. Fornias is the current Duke of Greycastle. Fornias has 6 children of which Marco is the 5th and as such no one much cares what he spends his time doing. So unless there is a catastrophe that fells his 4 elder brothers the family will have little need of him. Marco has decided to take advantage of their lack of interest in his activities to go and make a name for himself. He has chartered a boat to take him to the vicious isles. The Vicious isles are a remote set of islands in the middle of the cheerless sea. These islands are almost as far as one can get from his home. He should be able to make a pretty good living, after all if his ancestors worked their way into nobility by adventuring so he should be able to do at least that well.

Marco Greycastle

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