Tiefling Paladin





Verity’s father, Kavel Chask, was a rising political star from a minor noble house, with a bright future ahead of him. However, away from public scrutiny, he was a man with a brooding, intemperate disposition, and a penchant for overindulgence. In the interests of his own advancement, he took great pains to keep his skeletons deep in the closet. He had no tolerance for whispered rumors about his family’s past meddling with the dark arts, and he paid well to see such murmurs silenced.

His marriage to Leese Roden was a politically convenient one, but not at all unpleasant, at first. The two were happy enough, for a time. When Leese became pregnant with their first child, the two were brimming with optimism.

That all came to an end, when their child was born with a tail.

The Outcasts

Kavel, realizing the threat to his reputation, promptly accused his wife of being an adulteress. He cast mother and child out into the cold, and had the marriage annulled, at the first opportunity.

Leese first went to her family, seeking shelter, but her father was fearful for his own family’s reputation, and he told her that he would not let her stay if she brought the child with her. Desperately, she tried several other friends and relatives, but quickly learned that Kavel had already turned them against her.

She ventured out, going from town to town, seeking paying work, and a safe place for her daughter, but both of these things seemed too scarce and fleeting to sustain them.

When the child, Verity, reached the age of 10, Leese passed away from sickness, poor nutrition, and exhaustion. Verity was left in the harbor district of a big city, desperately begging for any scraps she could get.

The Day of Drowning

A gang of cruel boys found the Tiefling girl begging, and they dragged her out to the end of one of the piers. There, they hacked off her tail, and tried to stuff her in a burlap sack, with the intention of drowning her.

Several sailors from The Fiend’s Delight happened to be making their way back from a night of carousing, just then. Upon spying the struggle on the pier, the rowdy sailors scrambled over to see what was up. When they saw the wounded Tiefling fighting for her life, they clobbered the boys, and grabbed the girl — hauling her off to be their mascot, because they thought it would be hilarious.

The Sailing Years

For the next seven years, Verity was mascot and cabin-girl on The Fiend’s Delight — where she was largely treated like some kind of amusing pet. She was often imprisoned, when the ship was in port, for fear that she would run away. It was during one of these stints in the brig that she befriended one of the prisoners: A Paladin of Lathander, named Welden Foote. The Pirates had plans to ransom him for a high price. When Verity was freed from her chains, she conspired with the very disgruntled Frood Bristlecone to break Welden out, and run away with him.

Welden’s Quest

After escaping the pirates, the three of them traveled for a while, together. Verity’s heart was fertile ground for the Paladin’s teachings, but Frood was having none of that nonsense. Eventually, Welden spoke of a quest he was on to vanquish a great Evil in the Vicious Isles. The three travelers boarded a vessel headed that way, but it was overtaken by a great storm, before it reached its destination. Welden was lost in the storm, but Verity and Frood made it safely to the islands.

The Vicious Isles

Verity has been living in a meager dosshouse in Redmark, while she tries to figure out what she should do next, now that her mentor is gone, and her lessons have been cut short. She is pretty sure she should finish Welden’s Quest, but she is nowhere near powerful enough to do so, and — more to the point — she has no idea where she is supposed to go! When she asked around town about “evil,” people said there was evil all over the place. Well, at least there is plenty of work for a Paladin to do! If only Verity were a real Paladin


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