Vulas Yesna

Elf Wizard

Character: Vulas Yesna         	Player: Nathan Mayes          
Class: Wizard 1                	Subclass: None yet                
Background: Sage            	Race: High-Elf                 	
Alignment: Neutral Good        	Religion: The Seldarine
Gender Male                    	Size:Medium                       
Age: 112			Height: 5’11”  		Weight: 130lb        
Eyes: Blue         		Hair: Blond         	XP: 0

Stat         Modifier         Save
  Str:  8        -1           -1
  Dex: 14        +2           +2
  Con: 14        +2           +2
  Int: 16        +3           +5         
  Wis: 10        +0           +2 
  Cha: 13        +1           +1 

HP: 8        	Speed: 30       Initiative: +2              
AC: 12 = 10 + 2(dex)        	AC: 15 (Mage Armor) = 13(spell)+2(dex)
Proficiency: +2                 Passive Perception:12 

Languages: Common, Elvish, Draconic, Sylvan, Dwarvish
Weapon Skills: 	Daggers, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaffs, 
  		Light crossbows, Longswords, Longbow, Shortsword, Shortbow

Spellcasting Modifier:+3(Int)+2(Prof)= +5
Spell DC: 8+3(Int)+2(Prof)= 13 

Attack 1:
  Ray of Frost          +5 toHit        Damage 1d8 (cold)        Range: 60ft
  On hit target has movement reduced by 10 for 1 round.         
Attack 2:
  Dagger                +4 toHit        Damage 1d4+2        Range 20/60        

        Explorers backpack,
        Spellbook and component pouch, 
        Bottle of black ink, a quill, and a small knife.  
        A letter from a dead colleague with question I have not been able to answer. 
        Common cloths.  
Tool Skills

Skills                                          Total
        Acrobatics                         	+2        
        Animal Handling                 	+1
        Arcana                       		+5
        Athletics                        	-1
        Deception                        	+1
        History                         	+5
        Insight                        		+2
        Intimidation                        	+1        
        Investigation                         	+5
        Medicine                        	+0
        Nature                                	+3
        Perception                       	+2
        Performance                        	+1
        Persuasion                       	+1
        Religion                         	+3
        Sleight of Hand                		+2
        Stealth                                	+2
        Survival                         	+0        

        Darkvision: 60ft
        Fey Ancestry : Advantage vs Charmed. Immune to magical sleep. 
        Elf Weapon Training: Longsword, Longbow, Shortsword, Shortbow
        Ritual Casting
        Arcane Recovery 

Background:  Sage 
        Specialty: Astronomer 
        Personality Trait: There is nothing I like more than a good mystery. 
        Ideal: Knowledge
        Bond: I’ve been searching my whole life for answers to certain questions. 
        Flaw: Most people scream and run when they see a demon; 
		I stop and take notes on its anatomy.  
                Mage Hand
                Ray of Frost
                Minor Illusion
        1st-Level   (Slots=2)
                Thunderwave                     (Known)
                Mage Armor                      (Known)
                Detect Magic                    (R, Known)
                Find Familiar   (hawk: Edgar )  (R)
                Comprehend Languages         	(R)
                Grease                         	(Known)


Vulas Yesna

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