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The current day in the campaign is available on the front page.  We use the Forgotten Realms as the basis for the campaign's setting but The Vicious Isles are outside of the influence of Faerûn. 

The campaign's first adventure started on the 17th day of Elesias during the 133rd year according to Present Reckoning. Purely by coincidence, it started on August 17th, 2017 in the real world.

Calendar - An overview of the Forgotten Realms calendar.

Character Creation – How to create a character for the campaign

Playing the Campaign – Notes on how this campaign works

Organizing an Adventure – Tips on how to get a group together and get a GM

Downtime – valid actions your character can do while in Redmark

The Exalted Squirrel – Run by the retired Redmark Ranger Esta Reyzumin, this is the meeting place of adventurers.

Main Page

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